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Good Reads: Why for Writers

If you are like me you have poked around Goodreads, wrote a few reviews, maybe discovered a book, but not much else. The question occurred to me is there any benefit for self-published authors to use Goodreads? And if so, How? Well, … Continue reading

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A Reminder from the Universe – Avoid the Spam

To many new to the world of the internet, they may not appreciate the depth in which the medium has grown. Especially new self-published authors who are just now learning about the potential which blogs and social media can play … Continue reading

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Two Birds Down: Facebook and Amazon with One Stone

I am no Facebook expert. Every so often some FB genius will use the page to do something really cool. For example a couple of months ago Arturia gave away a very expensive piece of music making software for liking their page. … Continue reading

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The Review Process on Review: Amazon and The NYT considered

It seems like the last few weeks what has caught my eye the most has been book reviews; their implications, and a series of recent scandals. Before I had any reason to suspect the New York Times venerated list of recommended reading, I … Continue reading

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Ten Tips From Pen

I was browsing around The Author Learning Center the other day, having tried out the 3 day pass. I think i’m gonna give it a go. It has quite a bit of great content on everything from marketing advice from … Continue reading

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