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iUniverse acknowledges the achievements of children’s books illustrator Sir Quentin Blake

Illustrator Quentin Blake has become Sir Quentin Blake in the UK New Year Honors list. His highly distinctive drawings have helped bring to life some of the most popular characters ever in children’s literature. His collaborations with Roald Dahl on … Continue reading

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iUniverse would be happy to see another Les Misérables

The other day I was pondering just how big and timeless a book can become? Take for instance Les Mis, written by Victor Hugo in 1862, who is one of the most important of French Romantic writers, being the first … Continue reading

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The Review Process on Review: Amazon and The NYT considered

It seems like the last few weeks what has caught my eye the most has been book reviews; their implications, and a series of recent scandals. Before I had any reason to suspect the New York Times venerated list of recommended reading, I … Continue reading

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My writing diary (part one)

My colleague over at The Author’s House has been keeping a writing diary. And I’ve read that announcing to the cyber universe your writing progress is a good way to keep motivated. I mean, it’s kind of embarrassing to keep … Continue reading

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Lessons I’ve learned from publishing my first book

My very first book is called ‘Kiat Menjadi Kaya.’ The title means something like ‘how to be rich’ but it’s more nuanced in the Indonesian version. I’m originally from the UK but I was working in Jakarta when I got … Continue reading