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Book Dominoes

So as the world goes digital, and books along with it, especially for many independent authors, Whats to be done with all those paperbacks? Just an idea…


More Than Eating: 35 Ways to Do It

Ahhh the devil is in the details. Your story must do more than relay a sequence of events. You must draw the reader in. The greats do this. David Foster Wallace The Broom of the System put me completely in the psyche of 4 teenage girls … Continue reading

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Make It Count-iUniverse Publishing

Having been a biography fan for many years, I get excited whenever a new one comes out where the author has a personal relationship with his subject, and offers the kind of insight otherwise impossible to get. And this is … Continue reading


Author Replies to Slacking Student

As students across the country agonize over the start of classes, and scramble to complete summer assignments, one decided to go to Yahoo Questions in an effort to cover his tracks for a book he was too busy to complete. In a … Continue reading


Treat Me Like Your Car

iUniverse independent author Pilar Lastra is here to teach the men out there, me included, there that chivalry isn’t dead, it just needs a tune up. This delightful guide to maintaining your woman, and your relationships; is engaging, enlightening, and … Continue reading

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