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Best Selling Author of “Indecent Proposal” Riffs with iUniverse

Jack Engelhard is my new hero in the self- publishing industry. After selling more than 22 million copies of his second book, Indecent Proposal, he turned his back on the traditional publishing industry. The book established him as a fiction … Continue reading

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Two Birds Down: Facebook and Amazon with One Stone

I am no Facebook expert. Every so often some FB genius will use the page to do something really cool. For example a couple of months ago Arturia gave away a very expensive piece of music making software for liking their page. … Continue reading

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A Good Case of Bad Writing

Ahhahhaha ! I love a condescending critic.They  really touch a soft spot in my heart. I came across this and had to share. I will let you head over to the original post for the play by play of the excerpt. What do you … Continue reading

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20 Tips from 12 Fiction Authors

As a responsible blogger, I find that my most important contribution to the web is to expose quality. The more time a well written post happens it increases the likelihood that it can help, inspire, or impact someones life. The … Continue reading

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iUniverse Published Author, Damien Echols, One year off of Death Row

Damien Echols, just a teenager when he and two others who came to be known as the Memphis Three were tried and convicted of the murder of three young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas in 1993. Echols, who published his … Continue reading

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