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A Good Case of Bad Writing

Ahhahhaha ! I love a condescending critic.They  really touch a soft spot in my heart. I came across this and had to share. I will let you head over to the original post for the play by play of the excerpt. What do you … Continue reading

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Smart Edit- Supplement Your Spell Checker

I often find that my spell checker is not enough.  It doesn’t do the most important job for me, which is identify correctly spelled wrong word choices. True story- I once was at a job interview for a writing job. … Continue reading


Helping Name Your Characters

Whether you are a new parent, a musician, or an author you know that coming up with the perfect name for your creation isn’t always easy. For writers, the most important consideration is whether the name fits the character; the … Continue reading

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20 Tips from 12 Fiction Authors

As a responsible blogger, I find that my most important contribution to the web is to expose quality. The more time a well written post happens it increases the likelihood that it can help, inspire, or impact someones life. The … Continue reading

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Ten Tips From Pen

I was browsing around The Author Learning Center the other day, having tried out the 3 day pass. I think i’m gonna give it a go. It has quite a bit of great content on everything from marketing advice from … Continue reading

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